Finding the units of a texture that isn't fully in the window?

Hi, I am trying to texture a door, but since the texture doesn’t fill it’s dimensions, I’m not sure what dimensions to make the brushes. I’d prefer to get this perfect.

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Update: this door texture appears to be 112 by 112, I just had to resize until something worked. In the future, is there an easier way to figure this out?

If its only a small difference in size, you can try using “fit” in that window if yours. However if the scaling is too big, it’ll just look ugly as fawk, as you’re stretching it too much.

Do some math. Texture size is 128x128 units at .25 so start from there. Probably around 112-120 height and width.

Make a big brush, apply the texture to one face, align it with the bottom and/or any other side that doesn’t have the black border, use the clip tool to find out where the texture ends (the clip tool makes a white line in the 3d viewport when you have a cutting plane selected).

Sorry- can I get an example of this kind of math done?

A standard mapping texture is 512x512 pixels and will apply cleanly to a 128x128 unit brush at a scale of .25 which is just the default value.

In general 1 unit = 4 pixels (but this dependant on texture size, scale, etc.)

Also that looks like a doubledoor frame, try using the developer texture for a door, make it and then just mirror it. Then apply the texture.