Finding the vertex amount - how?

My friend has been working on a map for quite some time. It’s gigantic and detailed. He’s optimized it to every last detail with nodraw and other techniques.
Now, we (or rather he) has determined that the maximum polygon count is 65536 (for some reason)
Anyway, he needs to know how many details he has to delete before he can render it. Is there a way to access the poly count number for the map?
The error he gets for too many vertexes is: numvertexes == MAX_MAP_VERTS
Help is appreciated.

Something smells decidedly like carve around here.

Anyway, check the compile log it tells you how close you are to hitting limits.

Well, no carve tool was used (apparently his nr. 1 rule) but he said it didn’t say anywhere on the log. (His details were a bit sketchy though, but I’m assuming that’s what he said)

  1. It’s 65536 because it’s a power of 2

  2. If he has really detailed brushwork, perhaps suggest making some custom models in their place to get around the vertex limit