Finding Visible Surfaces in a map then all measurements.

This seems like something almost impossible to me, i’ve been looking through all the libraries and can’t find something obvious to me.

In essence, by the end of this I want to be able to put a map on a server and divide the maps floors, walls and ceilings into a grid.

Any clues? I thought that perhaps I might have to create a certain kind of material, or perhaps entity that is actually a part of the map and stores its own measurements etc.
I was simply wondering if anyone else had any better ideas?

i mean strictly speaking there’s nothing stopping you from doing some vector measurements and math for gridding a map. what exactly are you trying to do? it seems like whatever it’s for, gridding is just about the worst way to approach it

You’re actually completely right, i’m not sure why I got in my mind I should grid an entire map. I wanted to create an effect that whenever someone took a step it would create an expanding circle from their position that would trace along all visible surfaces. Gridding the map actually makes little to no sense. Sorry for wasting your time!