finding your current vector.

so currently I have this code:

util.AddNetworkString ( "TeleportPlayer" )

net.Receive ( "TeleportPlayer", function ( messageLength, ply )
	newpos = ("815.968750, -1135.991089, -79.968750")
	if (CLIENT) then
		ply = LocalPlayer()
	ply:SetPos(Vector( newpos ))
end )

When I attempt to use it however, it doesn’t teleport me to the position I assigned, instead it teleports me to here:

0.000000 0.000000 64.000000

Any idea why? (Sorry, I’m still pretty new to GLua.)

// No point in having it as a global
local newpos = Vector(815.968750, -1135.991089, -79.968750)
-- rest of code

If newpos never changes, you might aswell just add

local newpos = Vector(815.968750, -1135.991089, -79.968750)

before anything else.

Still does the same thing.


The second thing you posted worked lol, thanks!