Finger posable Vortigaunt

Well for the amount of time people have had half life 2 and garry’s mod it’s a little surprising that the vortigaunt wasn’t fixed to be finger pose-able. I have seen the thread from September but unfortunately nothing came of it as there seemed to be some issues with it.

I was wondering if anyone could have a go at rigging the fingers to fix this problem. As some may know or some may not know the vortigaunt’s fingers have four joints in them, because of this rigging them would have to be from scratch and not using the citizen finger rigging. Also in Half life 2 vortigaunts have used their third “little” arm ex being the all Knowing vortigaunt

This is the Episode 2 Version of the Vortigaunt and the one most of us have in Garry’s mod.

Hopefully someone can have a go at this, this is much needed in the community and would open up more opportunities for posing.

I support this! We need fully fingerposable vorts, that would be awesome for poses with them.

I requested this a while back. I forget who, but they were able to get the vort fingerposable, but the episode two vort turn into the HL2 vort. Unfortunatly.

Is that a major issue? If the ep 2 vort has replaced the one from the original HL2 then couldn’t we just rig that new one now?


That was me yes

The texture is weird and the eye posing has the usual issue, but the finger posing works fine, always did ^^

Then you should totally release, it, and that is what the texture that is in source material files for some reason, can’t find the newer ones anywhere.