Finger Posable Vorts

The title pretty much says it all. As people who go to the travel to the screenshots section now and then and have seen my vortigaunt stuff, the you can probably seen where I’m coming from. Frankly, I am a bit confused as to why it wasn’t done when the new finger poser was made. I would think it could be the same basic pricipal.

So, is any up to the task out of the kindness of their own hearts?

Should be dead easy, bones just need renaming, what fingers do you want them to have? (as they only have 2)

Edit: Gonna use the two finger citizen setup.

Aw nice! I was wondering when someone would get around to this…hey spirit, you think you could do something about the vortigaunt’s middle appendage as well?


I have no idea what to do with that so I doubt it. Also it only has one bone in it and i’m not making more just renaming the existing ones.


I’ve done it, but something strange is up with it O.o

(please click on the pics and read what i’ve wrote on my DA page because I can’t be bothered to write all that out again :P)

And yes the 3rd arm is in a different position but completely by accident and not in a way that can be posed

The poser looks good, but that skin as I think you said, would need some fixing.

Hey, Shotgunguy rigged/founded a Vort to a CS:S Skeleton, I think that one had Finger posing but it was kinda weird.

I asked my friend an he thinks it’s the ep2 Vortigaunt skin, which if it is is quite confusing as I compiled it as an ep1 Vortigaunt (also the model is the ep1 Vortigaunt @.@)