Finger Poser DOES NOT Work

When I go to pose my ragdolls, and go to the tools menu, I click on finger poser, and all I get is a gray box saying “Finger Poser” and nothing else. Help?

hey evovledminge, im new to gmod . i just got gmod 10 and im looking to download finger pose. any link?

Revvan, did you pirate Gmod?

Revvan did you just troll?
If not, its a function you can use with your toolgun to pose ragdoll’s fingers (if they got any).

Hold C after you used the tool on a ragdoll iirc.

No i didn’t , i got it from a friend


Gmod 10, i got from a friend and i didn’t had the finger pose so im looking for it.


any link where i could get it?

Pirate still. Did he give you a Steam version or a torrented version?

You can’t DL finger poser, get out.

I dont know

Do you have a program called Steam?

wow. just buy gmod and it’ll be fine.

Ok i deleted this one and next week i gonna buy it . thanks snipeissilent

Look… I have STEAM-LICENS-VERSION :slight_smile: of Gmod (Here`s my Steam profile ), BUT I have the same probllem discribed upper. O_O