Finger poser not working

Hello. Recently i have experienced a very annoying and doubtfully fixable problem. My TF2 and CSS ragdolls are glitched/bugged. They refuse to be finger posed as i can only move the entire finger and not individual parts. This is especially annoying when you try to make screenshots of poses which i do a lot.

It looks like this:

Here i used the CSS AA as an example of how it looks like, as you can see the rest of the index finger is not posed as it cannot be. There are also these strange ‘connectors’ between the index finger and the rest. The same happens with TF2 ragdolls.

But on Half Life characters it works just fine

Please ignore the “Downloading X” bars as i uninstalled GMod, deleted the Gmod folder and reinstalled as a last ditch effort.

has anyone experienced this bug before? Is it fixable? Please help.

Much appreciated.

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section" - postal))