Finish the beast - two knight finishing off a deamon

“Yes, work it baby. Oh yeah, you’re a dirty monster slayer aren’t you.”

It looks like. But the woman’s posing looks odd to me.

It’s great.

It would look even better if you’d rendered the DoF, but it’s still a good picture.

It is rendered. That’s what rendered sdof ends up like on my laptop :~ Or at times. It just seems to end up grainy sometimes, never figured out why. Could also be the slight levels edit I ran the image trough afterwards :~

Thanks for the comments guys though.

The guy looks like a nancy boy and the girl has odd arm posing. The pink flowers are also slightly distracting.

Other than that, all is good.

“Finish the beast - two knight fisting off a deamon”


I know I know. There ought to be a plural. And they definitely are not fisting anything.