[FINISHED] DarkRP Vending Machine

Hey Everyone!

I want to let you know that i have finished my vending machine project, it is fully functional and it works. I have made a short video that shows my work. Enjoy!

Thanks for reviewing it, and i would love to hear any suggestions and feedback!



PS: I might be giving it out to people in the future.


I would love them!

Thank you!

Looks like you got what you aimed to do. Well done. I can’t say I’ll try it but It does look as functional as you’d expect.

Why post in addon releases if you’re not gonna release anything?

Better question: Why make two threads?

Are you going to be releasing this soon?

Nice job, assuming you are just learning GLua;

It’s just an edit of the gunlab guys, nothing to see here.


People seem to enjoy mild remakes of existing creations :v:

Addon Release page:

I don’t see a difference between this and a microwave other than a model change and water instead of noodles, literally.

I was just going to say that, lol.
But you are correct. But this does add a bit of a “different” type of RP experience.
Now you can buy food, and water.

Not that I really care, I hate RP.