finishing of mod request

sup guys, i been makeing a mod for months & it nearly done… i finished of my models about 90% & finished a few locations like area51 & stuff.

iv came to a snag as im missing some vital ingredients for the last 2 locations.

ones an oil rig. the problem im haveing is getting what i have to fit in & look good, hence when you come out of the water onto the rig theres no tide marks & shells’n shit on my collums so i can only thing about asking someone to pull me the stuff out of mw2 oil rig?. “also sniper chost warrior has an oilrig but i cant get rounfd the rpack files”.

seconds stalker buildings, i got the sports centre from pyrat but it was a single mesh & its too much to seperate it in max so i need the sports center pulled from stalker & whatever other buildings you can send this way too :wink:

iv been everyware so help me out please i dont want to bite my toung & wreck months of work by makeing these last locations shity :stuck_out_tongue:

finaly, i will take request & fire up what ever models anyone need that i have in return :slight_smile:


14 looks & no bites :frowning:

yellp :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, modeling an oil rig and a set of buildings might be best for mapping.

Might get some more bites there.

ty ill try

i tryed, anyone else willing to help me out please. also is 3dripper the only way to get sht from mw2?.

even if i get one concrate colum that looks like it has tide marks on it i have enuth to make the rest of the rig.

and before anyone says, yes iv tryed makeing my own texture to wrap around a colum i have but it looks alien :stuck_out_tongue:

Change the texture so it doesn’t look like a alien?

hears my 1st attempt to make a collum for the water.

i guess onec its inplace & scalled it would look ok, however once i scale it the texture gona streach & look like shit upclose, also iv saved the texture file & its 7mb lol, i trying to keep the space down as much as i can as its quite a big mod already

as i said iv been & tryed almost everything, & theres nothing better than getting the goods thats already been made for the job :wink:

hears a u tube of the sniper gw oilrrig:

now imaging swimming upto my rig with that colum or the sgw rig :stuck_out_tongue: