Finnish Jaeger

Skintest, wasted time on it, posted it.


cool, I like it.

cool stuff

cool shit, what model is that?

Black Ops urban spetsnaz.

Pictured in the natural habitat too I see :v:

Naturally, I noticed the awesome pinetrees in R&L foliages just now.

Funny, the lighting and setting are pretty similar to a pic I did a while ago.

Where did you get that tank?

Nirrti’s/Ilwrath’s World in Conflict NATO pack.

I take it you actually meant this:

I’m pretty sure he meant the base model not the actual retex.

Very nice, though the hand clips with the gun.

A hunter with a beret and automatic rifle? Ok

In Finland every hunter is a spec ops trooper with an automatic rifle.

Stay out of the woods.

and the mountains.

Just like in Germany, in Finland a jaeger is the equivalent of Army Ranger.

No mountains in Finland.

In germany a Jäger is a hunter. Nothing more.

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In Austria there is an Elite Force of the Army called Feldjäger tho.

Jäger are light infantry, not just hunter.

sorry if im bumping, Nice :slight_smile: