FiOS, 10ms ping in everything except GM

Get 200 ping in Garry’s Mod. 10ms in CS:S, 1-3ms when I use’m like 2 miles from the server), 10-20 in every other online game at the most.
What the fuck is wrong with GM? Other people on the server only have like 40-50 at the most, some 20. Once in a blue moon I’ll go to a server, 1/100 chance it has 50ms ping but it acts like my ping is 23489176894719578 even though it SAYS 50 or 60. But most of the time it acts like that and shows 150-200ms.

I have peerblock but I tried turning that off, restarting computer just to be sure with it still off on startup and it still does the superhigh ping thing.

Like the title says I have FiOS so it should be theoretically a few ms at the highest. Especially since the servers I usually hang on are hosted a few hundred miles away.

If Garry thinks he’s making people freak out by putting JB as the default avatar, he’s wrong in this case. JB is awesome! Yes I am a man, no I am not homosexual or a pedophile.

Gonna add my specs because even though my computer is more than enough to run 50 source engine games at once you’re all going to bitch about wanting them anyway.
i5 760 I often OC to 3.4GHz highest recorded by realtemp is 50C but on most games it’s 35-40c
4GB 1600MHz DDR3
7,200RPM WD caviar blue 500GB HDD
GTX 275 FTW (713/1458/1280)
MSI h55m-e23
Antec EA650 PSU

Haven’t posted specs anywhere in a while, let me know if I’m forgetting something.

Its a network problem.

Please dont try to show off how L33T you are with your computer, when it clearly doesent have anything to do with it.


It’s not a fucking network issue if it’s only one game, it’s a game issue, which is why I came here; to get help, not to have someone tell me to fix a network that has nothing wrong with it. And who the fuck are you to say a computer can’t cause lag issues, an integrated network card on a certain motherboard could be notorious for having bad ping, and I might not know about it. And the network isn’t the only thing that has to do with ping.

I’ll be sitting 2 miles from the server, getting 120ms when someone in Japan, 9,000 miles away will be getting 60ms. It’s a game issue, I haven’t had ping above 20ms on any TF2 or CS:S server in 2 years.

Maybe the game detected that you’re an asshole.

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You could try resetting all the configuration files, in case you have a network/rates setting messed up somewhere.

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Not that I know how to do that though, you can’t just delete them any more or Steam cloud will come along and replace them with your old ones.

We’re not here to help you, nor are we here to listen to you brag and whine. Asking for help here is asking people to go out of their time and way to give it, because a forum is not a help form.

Stop being a complete asswipe.

This is definitely a network problem.[Or your playing on a server with shitty network that is located in Antarctica] So just because someone in Japan has 100x better internet then you doesnt make it a game issue. Your problems: 1) Shitty Internet, 2) Shitty Attitude.

So if you live over 9000 miles away (no meme intended) then I assume, you live somewhere in South America or in the Antarctica(Proof: Link)


I just noticed something. Your name fits your problem.