Fire and Ice #1

Comics comics comics click the fucking image bitch/


BTW this takes place about 5 minutes after the end of MK3.

**Also, yes, this is a comic, no i dont care, i post what i please where i please, bitch…

Mostly cause the comics section is a wasteland now.**

Interesting concept.

That’s gotta hurt…

Meh, doesnt matter, every time he dies he goes back to hell anyway, and he can leave whenever he wants.

lol the shruikens made me laugh :v:

Funny part is that i forgot sub-zero used them halfway through the comic so i forgot to make him use them again…woops.

Note for a future comic: MORE FUCKING SHURIKENS!

I like the editing.

Thank you.

that editing is good, your MK screenshots/comics are pretty awesome

I would laugh if he got banned for wrong section.

Funny comic, terrible editing and terrible speech bubbles. Also: wrong section.

Yes, yes, i know.

I love the Way scorpion Can Teleport
So nice

but, as has been stated previously, the comics section is a shitheap