Fire and maneuver.

Took me like 5-6 hours because i never did a military pose in sfm before.

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C&C are very welcome.

Not overly fond of the angle but overall it’s good.

For a first try, I’d say this looks damn good. Especially the poses.

That looks like gmod for some reason.

Probably because it doesn’t really take advantage of some of SFM’s benefits. (This isn’t a stab at noofa or anything it’s just something I picked up on).

also the running boliveria guys seem to have the exact same leg posing

If you’re going for a strong muzzle flash, the flashes shouldn’t have an absolute transparency, needs to be fully opaque near the middle or at least in some parts, and it should be coming out of the barrel’s slots slightly too. Also Id move the second closest combatant to the right by half a meter composition wise

needs dust for a proper firefight feel, maybe impacts

especially dust and smoke

Teach me, sfm daddy.

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I wanted to use a reference, but it was a tedious first try thing, so i just posed whatever.

I’ll keep in mind, thanks mate.

Yeah, i’m a little too far behind on the post editing spectrum, so that part will prob be really hard for me. I don’t even know how to do these tbh.