Fire At Rig 15(Captain Scarlet lying wounded while Captain Black starts a fire)

the default explosion doesn’t fit the cartoony style but that can’t be helped

also, do you get a torture boner making the scout suffer or what?

Very poorly done.


The scout’s pose doesn’t look that good.

Scout’s facepose also isn’t all that good.


Nah it’s just the fact that i prefer to use the scout as Captain Scarlet.


You didn’t even say anything about the actual fire.

The fire is quite good
although the others are way to harsh
the only problem I see is the scouts left knee should be moved over to the left a wee bit more.

Oh great one of that massive bandwagon rated me dumb


Well it’s pretty bad too.


What is Captian Scarlet, in a nutshell?

A literally indestructable agent working for world security group Spectrum to defeat the unseen martians with powers that can recreate anything or anyone after destroying the original. these Martians are named the Mysterons.

So, he’s like a superhero. And post your comment in all the following OP’s for stuff like this, so we can figure out what in the hell is going on.