Fire? Cool. More fire? Even cooler.

So instantly after i saw flamethrower in this update… i felt i want more. So here is my ideas i have thought on in few moments after update…
As there is a bucket, you could make it refillable with crude oil for example. Then you could go with a barrel of oil , and for example make a line of oil on the ground, light it up, and watch fire crawl on the ground, or just dump the whole bucket on someone’s wooden wall, leaving a nasty, black, and flammable oil slick, which would make alot of fire going on.(maybe also pour it on players? :D)
Also, making the hazmat suit fireproof would give people a good way to protect themselves from the flames, while making them vulnerable for bullets, and explosives.

Those are only my thoughts of what may be a cool addition to all fire stuff. I would like the people which read this to say what they think about my ideas. Would be just nice.

I find the title of this post very ironic…

Not bad idea, but the devs must have so much points to work on before adding such gameplay details…

nice, i would have missed it, had you not pointed it out :slight_smile:

Cool idea.
And flames (from pretty much anything) should stick to the surface they’re on instead of falling to the ground. I think that the fuel in the flamethrower is somewhat sticky. Well, it should be at least. So you should be able to spray walls without having your fire fall unceremoniously to the ground.

It would be great to be able to spray low quality fuel on objects, for example you build a raider trap house and a room is completely sprayed in fuel, since there is no smell detection the player remains unaware of the fuel smell, they walk in, run up to loot, set off a trap with drops a burning torch mounted on the wall onto the floor, and WHOOOMP! whole room goes up in flames. You could do this to trees and rocks, spray the item and a large area around it, then spray a trail going to a hiding area nearby, Unassuming Newman comes up to farm rock or tree, Nasty Villain drops flaming torch, gleefully laughs as Unassuming Newman becomes Burning Newman.

i thought i heard/read helk writing/saying that when the pilot light gets fixed on the FT, you will be able to spray fuel, when shooting the FL with the pilot-light off… lets hope this becomes reality