FIRE! >:D (Burn dem kevlar dudes!)

Personally, I think that there should be flamethrowers in Rust. There needs to be more fire. You can find firefighter vests, pants, helmets, etc. A full suit would be almost 100% effective against this. It could also do extreme damage to wood buildings, but they would have to be VERY rare to find, same with the ammo/fuel that it uses. Flamethrowers would be more of a breaching weapon more than an actual murder weapon, but you know those full kevlar guys… Molotovs should also implemented, where you would need 10 low grade fuel, 2 cloth, and a glass bottle (could implement those) and you would get 1 molotov. I just think that these would be awesome additions, and it adds new armor along with some fire. Tell me what you guys think!


This would be a good idea maybe it slows you down cause it the weight of the fuel on your back also if they there gonna add cars then they need gasoline would be fuel for the flame thrower and car but the Molotov needs a more complicated recipe

More complicated? Dude, it’s a glass of fire.

1 glass+1 fuel+1 cloth=1 molotov cocktail.

Yeah but I just feel like it would need to be slightly more complicated, I mean, it’s just a game

I think the torches could be thrown and it will light someone on fire

I personally think this is a really cool idea!

Then why not fuel canister, like in postal 2? Hint: everything will burn. Hint2: french grievers.

I think wood should not be fast destroyed from it i mean explosive charges are hard to get as a small group and explosives are nearly imposible and than add something that can make the dmg of 3 or 4 charges in some seconds?
also if its rare the only use would be burn wood houses and if its not rare it would be to strong .
buy molotoves would be a nice idea (i still think burning houses should be hard) maybe a crafting like 5 low grade full 2 glass and 2 cloth?
The glass would be from zombies and rad towns

Molotov is a great idea, but flamrthrower is really OP even if it is hard to craft/get.


Hopefully someone important might consider this, I, and probably many others, think this can be a very cool implement into rust.

I really hope this gets put in. At least the Molotov’s. It would just be too damn cool.

i hope you guys realized in the standalone game finding a simple mp5 will be impossible not even a m4 or shotgun.

I’d like to see a fire arrow to accompany the OP’s idea.

the idea is cool but don’t you guys think it would be way to easy to break in people’s houses, at the moment its almost impossible since metal doors are a pâin in the ass to destroy and wood walls are almost impossible to break, with a flamethrower or even with a molotov you could just break in anyone’s house while they are offline, take all their loot and leave as you came in… I like the way you have to raid people at the moment, for exemple: if you can’t afford c4 you have to play it smart and ambush (shotgun to the face) before the house owner closes the door behind him as he goes out… or if this these kind of weapons make it into the game I think they sould make metal buildings easier to craft so the wood stuff would be more or an early game building material and once you started you would have to build in metal to protect you base from fire raids

I think its a good idea to damage kev’s, but I feel as if it would be incredibly OP to damage structures. I mean you’d have that one group that was able to get 3 flamethrowers and they literally go around burning EVERY single house down that they find.

Unless you mean that the fire doesn’t spread… Which in that case I still feel it would be too strong.

They should just make the flamethrower a admin weapon, so that the staff can remove buildings manualy and remove the decay. Then there would be stories of the masked staff members with no name. Noone would know who they are or how they look. You would hear of their legends and multiple rumors in local tavers and hideouts.
One of the legends state that they come out when the aurora bug and a full moon show up at the same time. Others say they jump out of the supply plane. Some more state they they are just disguised as zombies.

…i like this idea…

I hope the molotovs get added at least