Fire Doesn't Show

It seems that fire doesn’t show up in Gmod.But it does show up in Hl2DM.Is it a console command that is preventing the fire to show up?

Ahhh, Finally! Someone who shares my problem. Fire doesn’t show for me either. I just made a thread about it as well.

It’s your computer. Your graphics hardware (or something else) can not show EP 2 effects.

I have Ep2 and I can see most of them. Eh. That’s gay >.< I have that stupid not upgradable Dell Hybrid crapper

I got a new graphics card but the fire shows in css and hl2dm, just not in Garry’s Mod.

Same here. Rememeber? I said to you, (in a server once) that I saw fire. Now it’s mysteriously gone. :ughh:

It can be a console command that is screwing up the fire.