Fire Figher Model

I spelt the title wrong… I already know so don’t bother pointing it out.

I couldn’t find one on, it seems strange this hasn’t been done before, so if you can find one a link would be nice :slight_smile:

If there isn’t already one, would anyone mind making me one?

Or you could re-skin this:

i remember someone made one along time ago

Any chance it could be found?

Maybe, if you want to find something, you must first search for it.

Learn to read, I said I’ve already looked and can’t find one.

No, you said you didn’t find one in, that’s not searching.

Considering I used the search bar on there, I’d say it was.


As for Facepunch: “Sorry, this type of search is disabled until we get a nice fast slave database up and running.”

henry townshends casual skins thread

As for a google search with, it gives me lots of what seem to be request threads for a firefighter model, however all of them are invalid links.


Thank you, and Exorade, that’s called being helpful, I hope you learned something.


What you want is in here.

I should probably have said, I’m after a player model, these are just normal ragdolls.

Yes that would have been a very very useful thing to mention.

PERP had one, let me see if I can find it anywhere.

Don’t use google.


Just saying for future reference, obviously.

That only works for thread titles, doesn’t it?