Fire in Falaise



Give me some CC

youre getting really rusty with lighting what happened

what exactly do you mean?

You’re really in-love with those models aren’t ya? I mean, who would blame ya :wink:

Nice screenshots pal

I think the lighting here isn’t his fault, it was more the map fault i guess (Since i believe that’s a Resistance and Liberation map, isn’t it?)

na i could’ve done stuff with it, i just wanted to go for this feel

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although if people are just going to go agree to the post i’d rather they actually explain what they think is bad
since just going “yes hmm this is mediocre” doesn’t help me get better in any way whatsoever

It’s nice. Are these W.I.P or private models?

Honestly for me, the picture doesn’t seem to have a good focus. The person up close seems oddly out of focus, and the picture’s quality itself seems to have lost a little. I don’t know if it’s the composition, or something else, something just feels off. Maybe it’s the lack of shadows?

I think you should’ve used that ambient occlusion thing that you made a tutorial about. Could’ve really used it here, shadows majorly lacking, I think that’s what people mean by lighting not being great.

well the lighting just seems really flat
theres no semblance of ao on anything

Falaise Pocket v2 Russian boogaloo

Looks like this was made in xnlara, needs some light TING

You clearly have issues with your eyes.

I like it- its been ages (probably two years) since I played Bad company 2, very nice to see the models again.

The lightning looks really really flat to me. No shadows anywhere and stuff like that.
On top of that, there’s not really a good focus on anything. EVerything has a weird softish glow to it.