"Fire in the hole" Zoey about to throw a pipe bomb at an incoming horde

C&C please


very good, but i dont like that muzzle flash and the zombies look tired

Is Francis holding the shotgun from the grip(if it has any) ?
And i don’t like the blurr.

The sparks look really copied and pasted and the muzzleflash lacks definition. The camera angle is awesome but all the motion-blur and depth-of-field means that the picture kinda lacks a focal point.

Fixing the horrible muzzle flash


Updated the picture.
Bettter muzzleflash
Not so copied sparks

Tha muzzle-flash is worse now.

You prefered that big fat blob?

yeah, instead of that crap muzzleflash coming from a messed up barrel.

the muzzle flash angle is weird now. Could have used a slightly better focal though

Gave it one last shot.
Changed the muzzle again.

The sparks are too sharp compared to the rest of pic.

They are kinda suposed to be the focus point

They are just, i don’t know how to say that. Solid, vector-ish.

I think I see clipping between Francis’ arm and the shotgun. I could be mistaken, however.

reminds me of the first time i played left 4 dead

im gonna be mister optimistic (im a happy mother fucker i know.) around here,

looks pretty nice, appart from the tiny mistakes this is really cool :smiley:

picture looks really blurry all around and the muzzle looks really bad, lighting looks good as usual but like chesty said, the sparks look really pasted on

Looks like from the intro.

I love the camera angle, very original. The only thing I have a problem with is the muzzle flash. It’s coming out the side too much. Just erase the bit on the side, assuming you were smart and made a layer.
Please tell me you made a layer.