Fire K 2010+ Museum

Manly Breen

Shooting some dude

bomb defusal

killing some guy



Anti-Psy 2


Paul Forbes


Russian Love


Ice Chill/Frigid

Black man with a pipe facing advisor

Distraught Breen


Fire K 2010 museum
will update with 2010 poses


Personally I think 09 was the best

Nice collection.

IMO 2009 thread was better

fire k is best

You’re the best at mapping though.

nice collection you got there.

the first one is my favorite because it was all ingame except for some noise and vignetting

I love that first one for some odd reason.

Was our ‘experiment’ last year or this year?

What’s vignetting?

Nice pictures.

ruv roo.

Oh right lol

that was last year

vignetting is the black fade on the corners lol


oh wait no it was this year


2009 was better lol

I always liked your shit so here’s an artistic

you need to seriously work on making your shots more cinematic though, the high up views of that one scene hurt

Which one?

Nice work. I like the “Killing some guy” one. Awesome title too.

Also, where did you get all those BF2142 models from?