Fire Not Casting Light

While trying to make a campfire I noticed that it wasn’t up lighting up the area around it. I recently started playing Garry’s Mod after a couple years and I could have sworn that fires cast light. After some searching on Google I read this: “The use of the HL2:Episode One code means that it also lights the area around it with dynamic lighting.” from

Now I know it isn’t my video card’s capabilities since the light from lamps and the flashlight ingame cast dynamic shadows just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They don’t, and haven’t ever as far as I’m aware of. Besides, just use an invisible orange light in the fire if you want it to have the same effect.

Wouldn’t it be possible to create a light with lua, if you ignited something?

It’s possible, however the method I have in my head about doing it just seems far fetched.
It’s a case of getting all the props in the map, then checking if they’re on fire and if they DO NOT have a particular networked boolean. This can be done every so often however I dunno what the performance impact will be. If they are on fire, then get the props’ position and create a gmod_light x amount of units above the prop, parent it, set colour, brightness and other misc things, along with an alpha of 0. There’s probably a better alternative but I just wanted to see what the Light tool in gmod uses. Anyway, after that, you want to spawn the entity and give the parented prop a network boolean of something like IsLit. That way, when the first check looks for a boolean and if it has one it’ll skip the second process of making a light. That way it won’t have multiple lights connected to 1 prop.

This is just estimating what I’d hope for such a thing to do, however knowing me the reality will be so much different. See if you can get one of the lua coders in the lua section to code something for you.