Fire Station Items

I am looking for

A Pump Truck (with high detail and life like)
i would like it to be named Pump 311

A Ladder truck (has a pump and a ladder) Again real life like
Name this ladder 342

Squad Car
a SUV style fire squad car named Car 30

Choose a nice livery for all 3 units please (any one can be used but not a real life city)

also some Fire fighter gear (Oxygen tanks masks and helmets)

Since you didnt put reference pictures on the OP I cant really tell what you looking for, I used google and several pictures of different types of “Pump Trucks” and “Squad cars” appeared, so I cant help but to link you to the ones I think you are refering.

There is a Pump Truck here:


There is a squad car here:


Both models come in some packs that are located in the links above so you cant just download them, you need to download an entire pack.

i was more thinking like this

and the squad car

if I would be makign this I wouldn’t name them the way you want.