Fire wont show up in maps

So basically when ever i start up a gmod map that has a fire entity in it the fire doesn’t show up only smoke(if it is emitting it) and i still take damage from it aswell. Also i can see fire if an object is lit on fire so i can use the ignite tool and still see fire.

Are you on dx8? (or lower?)

what do you mean by dx8

Please, do the following then

  1. Start menu, and search “Run”
  2. Select run and type in “dxdiag” – This will give you your computer information, like CPU, graphics card, and so on
  3. Go to “graphics” and under “graphics card/GPU” tell me what that says.

their is no graphics tab or graphics card/GPU tab

Download Piriform Speccy and post a screenshot of what it says here please.