After a recent update, anything that has an explosion causes a small fire that doesnt extinguish ever. even when shooting a rpg, it creates a fire. it gets very annoying to hav the map covered in small fires tht dont do anything but hurt you. please help.


Wont anyone help?



Did you install Advanced Fire?

It did that to me too.

They hurt you? I’ve seen this problem since Garry’s Mod was released but I’ve never seen them hurt me. I haven’t seen everything do this either. That really sounds like it sucks, especially for anyone who might have a bad computer.

That addon’s a damn joke. If you’re looking for good spreading fire, get this:

It won’t crash your server/destroy your FPS, it breaks constraints sometimes, and unfreezes props.

i have a great computer but i uninstalled advanced fire and installed that and im about to try again