first thread iv made, was inspired by the forest gump scene when they on the patrol and so was gonna be a vietnam themed picture but i just downloaded ninja’s ww2 german pack so used those instead so thanks to him
also i got no idea what to call it so iv named it after the fire in the corner

The stuff that’s going on in the foreground looks pretty cool.

However, those buildings in the background do not.

Overall it isn’t bad, but the fire edit kind of brings it down, mostly because it’s opacity is too low and you can see it on their helmets and the back of the panzerfaust.

When doing fog, try to match the color of it with the color of the sky. If the foggy buildings in the back matched more, it would look better as well.

I’d also recommend taking the screenshot via the poster command, and then scaling it down to have a more clear picture, while cutting down on the aliasing.

cheers for feedback and yeah about the poster thing iv tried it a good few times and looked on the internet for a fix or a solution or something but it just doesnt seem to work

This would be perfect as a short video, I can feel it