Firearms: Source / Problem with disappearing weapon glitch.

Well I have this weapon pack on my G-mod 13 server, and people have been complaining with the Gun model vanishing… They can still shoot, but they can’t see the weapon. Any suggestions or help?

What weapon pack. Oh and use the help and support forum

Firearms: Source

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Sorry I am new to face punch.

They either downloaded it incorrectly or they have an addon that conflicts with it.

Ahh, okay and also do you know how to make it so people don’t have to holster their weapon to switch to anything else?

I think this might be an actual gmod bug, I thought it was a bug with my weapon pack as well but nobody seems to be reporting clientside errors to me.

There is an odd fix to this which is to start recording a demo and then stop the demo.

So record demo;stop demo will instantly fix the weapons glitch for the player.

Thanks man.

Oh and to make it that people dont have to holster all you have to do is go to options in the q menu and there will be siminov weapon settings. unclick the one that makes you holster

In Multiplayer?