Fireart - Hunting fun to access the Steam Group)

Requires EP2 and CSS


**~What is this?~**

Fireart is a project I started almost a year ago. My aim was making a fun combat system where the player didn’t just have to level up or get better weapons but also to effectively get better at playing.
A second objective was to make it as small as possible in matter of content to download and yet have a big amount of content to show.
So I tried to use the content available at best: every weapon and most armors in the gamemode are customly designed with HL2 and CSS props, with great help of Ninechi and other friends.
I’ve put my heart and soul in this, so I hope you’ll like it.

**Server IP:**


Sorry for shitty video quality

new Swords and Shields:

There is much more you’ll see when the server’s out or if you want to give it a shot add me on Steam

~**~Want to give some support?~**~

This looks really nice. I love the makeshift weapons and I love the character silhouette on the equipment info screen, a small but cool feature. I’d say the interface could do with a little bit of a cleanup and streamlining, but the gameplay looks solid!

Makes me think of a first-person Underdone

I realize the HUD could use a better look, but I don’t have the time to re-do everything from scratch, sorry.
Also what do you mean first-person Underdone? This is third-person :v: There’s a server console command (fa_firstperson 0/1) for that tho

Goddammit why did I think it was first person

Looks alot like Monster hunter which means to me it looks promissing =3

Something is creating script errors. (Video)

Since I played Monster Hunter for the first time, my objective in making games has always been creating something as similar as possible. Then I played MOBAs, and I felt like adding skills to it :v:

Usual to-clean garbage. Doesn’t really affect gameplay or anything :v:

I seriously want this to go far, this is a great idea! I cant wait to see servers coming up with this, i might look into having a server for this myself !

This has a type of “Monster Hunter” look, if anyone doesn’t know the game you should definitely look it up, I think it was only out for Play Station Portable then a PC version was released in japan and a US version for Wii.

Are you still working on this with Xcess? I remember seeing a gamemode called Fireart in the server list, The server name was Xcessgaming.

Holy shit mate, this looks amazing… Congrats, I’ll have to try it out soon.

PM system is made for a reason.

This looks epic, I’m looking forward into seeing this gamemode. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback, just to inform you all: a server will be up by tomorrow! Stay tuned :v:

If the gamemode is as fun as the screenshots and video indicate then you have a guaranteed donation from me.

You’ve found someone to host for you? If not, I’d be willing to put it on my server for testing for some time…

I found this thread while taking a break from playing MH3U… I can’t escape this game, it has my soul I think…

Outstanding work though, definitely going to give this a shot.

I know right. Monster Hunter signed my life :v:
Can’t wait to let you all check it out! Meanwhile I’m trying to make it a bit more net-stable, noticed there might be too much info to send :downs:
Hopefully server’s working by today.

Congrats, is there any PvP?

If you haven’t noticed yet players are smaller (that way the map will seem bigger). That causes hitbox to fuck up so I’m working on it. Probably yes, area-based.

This reminds me of underdone, it’s pretty cool, looking forward to play on the server