Firebat StarCraft 2


[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Firebat
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod 10

[tab]Download:[/tab] Mediafire [/release]

*Starcraft II

Comes with:


two different sizes, small and regular size (big)

Remove backpack
Remove helmet

Texture group:
Allow you to reskin 2 more different texture on it.

Ex. (you have to create the vmt and vtf, if you plan to reskin new ones over it.)
sm_firebat_m1_diff (default skin)
sm_firebat_m1_diff2 (texture group)
sm_firebat_m1_diff3 ***(texture group)

Just drop “models” and “materials” folder into

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps(your account)\garrysmod\garrysmod


Copyrights: Blizzard Entertainment; Starcraft II

Roland for taking the time to do the shading on the textures.

If you edit, hex, reskin or anything to the model and release yourself,
Please place; Blizzard Entertainment; Starcraft II toward the Credits and copyrights. Thank you.

looloolol megit fatteh

But sweet port man

Awesome! The textures are so niiice O.o

Smells like… Victory…

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed at how much detail is on those models. It’s nothing spectacular for an FPS, but it just amazes me how good they are for RTS models.

I loved this guy form the game, his lines were funny. To bad you can’t have him outside of the campaign. Awesome port.

so, first they remove them from the game, then they make then only in the terran campaign, and THEN they make them look fat and stupid. good job blizzard, I have lost all respect for you.

Excquisite work!

Awesome job Nexus, looks great!

just Awesome!

This is why Valve will always win against every other company including blizzard. The amazing source engine.

That looks like possibly the most uncomfortable armor to wear ever.


Someone told me there are two different tiers of models. The 1st tier is for gameplay, then there’s a tier for cutscenes that are real-time and are being rendered (not the CG stuff), and they use better models and textures for them. I don’t think each and every unit in SC2 are as detailed as these models here, that would be insanely laggy unless they made epic use of LODs and mipmapping. And even then. zooming in all the way would be…yeah…

Then again I know nothing about how SC2 works since I’ve never played it. I was told this by one person.

That’s because they’re cinematic models. These aren’t show in gameplay actually but only during cutscenes and on the ship.

The ingame models are extremely bland to be honest (I’d say on the same level as dow 1, just using more textures) - most of all compared to stuff like dow2.

Still nice release.

Ah, that explains things. Still good of Blizzard to release the models, rather than prerender everything.