FireBullets Doesn't work in Multiplayer!!

Hello guys!

The Bullet damage only works in Singleplayer, but doesn’t works in Multiplayer.
Please how to fix it

function ENT:FireWeapons()

if(self.NextUse.Fire < CurTime()) then
	for k,v in pairs(self.Weapons) do
		local bullet = {}
		bullet.Src		= v:GetPos();
		bullet.Attacker = self
		bullet.Dir = self:GetAngles():Forward();
		bullet.Spread		= Vector(0.001,0.001,0.001)
		bullet.Num		= 3
		bullet.Damage		= 60
		bullet.Force		= 55
		bullet.Tracer		= 1
		bullet.TracerName	= "HelicopterTracer"

	self.NextUse.Fire = CurTime() + 0.5;


Help is greatly appreciated

BUMP , Please help guys!

Sometimes there is an issue where the bullet won’t actually hit ( most of the time ), a way around this is to set the bullet damage to 0, and use the Ent:TakeDamage function to deal damage to a player

Still doesn’t works :frowning: please help guys