FireFight - A Garry's Mod survival mode with a twist!

What I am looking for is a group of experienced mappers who are willing to join me and make something many people will call “FireFight” or “Onslaught”

But we already have about 1,000 different versions of these maps! Why make more?!
What I hope to accomplish is an Entirely different look of Onslaught, not just “Hurr Bad guys shoot 'dem” but Onslaught with meaning, Take a look at "Half Life 2: lost coast " that “map” is a brilliant example of what I am trying to explain! when you jam the machine that’s firing HeadCrab cannisters everything turns from beautiful scenery to an epic FireFight! Combine rappelling down from the ceiling, Helicopters, Gunships, Drop-ships you name it and its there! basically I want to achieve is beautiful scenery combined with epic, Balanced, and fun FireFight!

What makes this "Different"
The difference between FireFight and Onslaught is that the map changes over time, one minuet you could be fighting rappelling Combine inside a warehouse, next the warehouse doors could open, you’re met with a strider and a rocket launcher! after a few more minuets a ship pulls up and you can fight on there or stay in the warehouse or outside, gradually the map changes, the enemies get harder and your ammo gets shorter! what do you do? Pray…

Sounds good how can I help?

If you want to help just fill in the application form!

ORIGINAL Steam name:
What do you want to do?:
how long have you mapped for?:
can you make custom models/textures?:

Al-right Doc, I signed up what now?
Join this group!

Well. you’ve answered a lot. what “ideas” do you have in mind to start?

There are several ideas to start of with!

A plaza[/Media]

A shipping yard

Inside a shopping centre!

Cliff Side duel!

Skyline Duel!

(this one would be on a roof, couldn’t find anything better

Why the Halo ODST name? try to be original!
I chose this name as a Place-holder it is definitely NOT final post your suggestions for names!
we currently have:

any others, just post!

Example from lost coast:

Can YOU map? :colbert:

Does it matter? No. Would it help? Yes.

This is the request section.

yes i can map :slight_smile:[/media]

Still in devblocking


Heavy, devblocking

Looks cool if only i could map…would love to beta test though and i have lots of ideas for maps!

Shoot them at me i can use all the help :smiley:

Update (not a massive one)[/media]

Looks kinda neat, I’m interested to see where this goes.

Steam name: avwos
What do you want to do?: map
how long have you mapped for?: around 3 months
can you make custom models/textures?: no

This sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Would there be a gamemode to go with it?

if we can get coders :smiley:

No it isn’t

It got moved.

Update: Small video

That looks pretty nifty.

Hehe, picture it with about 7 other things dropping combine in :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome looking


Hi, how are you?