Firefight in the mist.

Edit by me, I forgot who posed it AGAIN :3:. C&C please.

Smoke seems pretty useless and the muzzleflash needs moar glowing.
Its so-so dunno what to say.

Sorry forgot to include this :stuck_out_tongue:

Its better but now the low grass ruins it. Not your fault tough.

Muzzleflash needs to be giving off more light.
The shape of the muzzleflash looks pretty stupid.
The smoke is unrealistic.

What Chesty said.
Positive things:
Good posing and good angle. Models are not bad either.

I think this is Taggart’s pose and models.

You should post these in the unedited screenshots thread. For a start they’re not worthy of a thread, secondly that thread needs to be bumped more often and thirdly when you edit pictures from that thread you should post them in that thread.


The thread is locked -_- , this is from the old one. Not worthy of a thread why? and what are you gonna do about it?

There’s a new thread.
It’s not worthy of a thread because you didn’t pose it and the editing looks like it could have been done in ten minutes.
What a ridiculously childish question.

No it’s not, but okay. I will not make seperate threads sorry btw.

Looks like a fountain from the 4th of July

Cover the ugly low-res grass.