Firefly Models and Skins

Well since I’m working on some firefly models along with my map, I thought it’d be more appropriate to showcase the models/skins here as I can get more help/critique for them here.

So Far I have a reskin of the Mobile infantry into the alliance soldier which is this.

Need to fix the purple coulour and add some scuff to it.

And a model of the movie mule.

So much work to be done here.

I also have Vera, Jayne’s Revolver and Mals handgun that I made about a year or two ago and am thinking of finishing.

Vera needs a bunch of work, and Mals handgun needs a bunch of tweaks, also go indigo!

Updates will be done in a couple days.

Oh shiny god up on high, I’m gorram speechless.

I’m crying tears of joy, I applaud you. That and I could never hope to accomplish that.

Well I’ll be damned, I thought this thread would never happen.
Bravo good sir, bravo

Woah, what the hell? At first I see the map that was bumped from 08, now I see this?!

Its funny how I just finished watching the whole dvd set a few days ago…

Nice job! Keep on workin!

Shitty indigo render I fell asleep on last night, had to stop it early so it came out a bit grainy. Had a couple going, the other one I’m re-doing.

lego! :smiley:

Thought I may aswell put it here aswell (I know its not that good but at least its something ^^):


Alternate Download

wow it does look like Lego ^^ (Firefly Lego, now that would be brilliant :D)

Reavers. Yeah…

If I could organic model, I’d love to try Reavers out, but sadly I can’t. It’d be awesome to have different versions with different levels of mutilation.

Frickin’ sweet, firefly was teh shit.