Hello Facepunch
I just went though and found very little pertaining to firefly. I deem this ridiculous. I ask only that people give their best shot at making GMOD STools, SWeps, Vehicles, Props, Models, and NPCs, which, I know…or at least hope, already exist to some degree, rotting away (actually held in stasis) on some poor sap’s hard drive.

It is quite likely that this already exists, or a thread like this already exists, but alas. I am unfamiliar with this forum, so I post.

Are you talking about this Firefly?


That is a very original thought.

thank you very much.

You are quite welcome.

Yes i was hoping this but alas none to be found.
It’d be awesome to have some reavers or at the very least a Malcom Renolds player model + revolver.

I’m not really a modder and I asked around a year ago or so, this happened:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Breaking rules on alt" - Nori))