Firefox vs Chrome

Ok, so I use both browsers on a regular basis for different things. I have been playing Rust through Chrome. I was getting a slight hitch in the game, just for a second, every few minutes or so. So I decided to try it out in Firefox and it runs great, no hiccups. I know everyone’s rig is different, but I just thought I would share my personal experience with you guys as I will be playing through Firefox until the launcher comes out…

firefox for rust otherwise chrome

I heard firefox was optimized for unity

I use firefox, it is the most stable for me.


Foxfire for Rust, Internet Explorer otherwise. I don’t browse many pages so the program makes little difference otherwise.

Chrome. I try and switch to FF every now’n again but always end up back with Chrome. It’s just smoother, faster and does (mostly) everything I want it to. I miss DTA!, the power of the FF ABP and the real Greasemonkey though.

I use both but it feels like Chrome redownloads rust after every pc start.

Ever heard of the 64bit version of Firefox called Waterfox? Runs much better, and my personal favorite.

Hey, I was just about to ask about this!

What exactly is the difference between Firefox regular, Waterfox, and Mozilla Nightly? If anyone could straighten this out that would be great.

I’ve got Nightly installed and it’s going okay - I heard it was a browser built and optimised for 64 bit operating systems. Is Waterfox 64bit also?



Unless your computer is really old, browsers should not have any measurable impact on game performance

Disagree completely. For me, I can run the game perfect in Firefox. Doesn’t stay up in Chrome (crashes Unity). Unity is notorious for being finicky. I’ve helped a lot of people troubleshoot in other unity games. Browsers play a huge part in whether the game will function or not.

That said… I’m running:

6 core CPU


I vote for Firefox

Firefox nightly is the best for 64bit.

I use firefox, personally and it is very stable for me, but then again, I haven’t had any issues what-so-ever with Chrome either.

Did anyone try Pale Moon yet? It’s firefox minus some bullshit plus SSE2 optimizations