firelinegaming's perp 2

All of you must know what perp 2 is, well we got it on our server, we got great lua coders on our server, such as Drew P Richard, you all know our darklands co-coder, anyway check us out!

Server’s ip:

Servers website:

(User was banned for this post ("Using Leaked Content" - grea$emonkey))

Are you guys authorized?

Only idiots buy gamemodes, remember this now kiddies :eng101:


I remember, just curious.

Not authorized.

Yeeaaa, I’d like to see a post from Hunts.

They arent authorized but I dont care, Perp2 is perp2.

O_o yes but its not good for the authorized community’s and needs to be taken down.

Oh well, Hunts can’t do fuck all. You guys should stop supporting idiots like him who think they can sell gamemodes.

haha, im not owner…so don’t flame me.

Then why post on facepunch no one cares about your community. You won’t get players if your not authorized.

tell that to owner =p

Lol, hunts took you guys down before, if i remembered correctly. I guess you guys are asking to get your db erased :\

I think they are.

Oh shit! people that wasted money on a unoriginal gamemode are ganging up!


So you cant handle competition? For what reason is it not good for the authorized communities.


-snip- due to no reason other then BAWWW

Looks like every cat and its mother has Perp 2, I’ll give it two months before someone leaks/rips it.

You do realize perp2 has many backdoors…

Backdoors are simple to lock.