If these have been done before, link me please.

Anyways, I need some firemen (preferably with citizen heads). If they wore outfits similar to the following I’d appreciate it:

I know I’ve seen some, give me a minute to find them.

I know there was a citizen pack with some firemen in them but I forget the name and the search function doesn’t work. D:

Lost them back when I built a new rig.

There’s some in here:

Yeah, that was the pack I was thinking of, but unfortunately the download link is broken… Anymore firemen out there?

Try bumping the thread. I don’t have the original zip, but I might have the actual files stashed somewhere. I wiped my gmod data a few weeks ago when I realized a quarter of my hard drive was dedicated to a game I rarely played.

Already done. I might be able to find my old harddrive and get them off there, but that’s unlikely. :frowning:

EDIT: Yeah, not happening. My old harddrive is dead.