Comment if you have any ideas.

These are my ideas:

You could burn down wooden structures like wooden walls, doors, window frames, spikes, high external walls etc.
You could use a torch or some other type of flammable object.
When you hit a wall with a torch for example it would have a 1/50 chance to light it on fire. (It would only be able to hit the wall 5 times or less before it breaks to stop fresh spawns from burning the whole map)
Incendiary rocket could be higher like 1/3.
Having camp fires or furnaces in a wooden base could light it on fire, so you’d need a type of fire extinguisher which you could find at the monuments.
Stone or metal would be inflammable.
Maybe water buckets which you could fill up from a lake or the rain collector.
During rain all buildings on fire would go out.
Fire would slowly damage an object until it breaks.
Torches could become more expensive or the chance of a building catching on fire when you hit it with a torch could be 1/100.
Some sort of sprinkler which you could fill up with water using a water bucket and it protects a 3x3 area (or more).

there should be a dedicated firestation on the map with fire figher AI, so that if a fire gets outta control they come over and keep people safe

I do like the fire station idea. They hinted that they are gonna add levels and maybe if you help put out a fire you could gain xp. That way lots of people would help out.

Too easily exploitable, people would start fires themselves just to put them out and get that bit of extra xp.

no they wouldn’t, arson is illegal and nobody wants the mi5 on their backs

True, but maybe they could make it where if someone on your friends list or someone who you share a building cupboard with starts a fire you wouldn’t gain xp. Also, it would be more costly to start the fire than the amount of xp you would recieve.

Maybe an Volcano on the Procedural rust map?? only on e per map with fire and loot??? including magma rivers…

lol we need earth quakes too and the odd huricane ha ha ha

Yes natural disasters would be awesome