Firestorm (Sleeper/PVP/Arena)


Our server features:

Normal Game play [PVP/PVE Sleepers]
Slots: 75,

We occasionally do random airdrops to make things interesting or for events.

No Abuse Spacedust and myself (viper) don’t kill anyone in game. There has has been exceptions to the killing of people when we do our arena battles. We typically are going around greeting and talking to people. We don’t raid, we don’t engage people and kill them. We are here to make sure everyone is having a good time and assist with questions on game play.

We have started doing arena fights and have some of them posted on our blog. We typically have them around 9pm central time, but we may do them earlier on Sundays, based on what others have told us. We have done basic free for death matches, hunger games, and a new one, that is similar to an urban combat. We just built a new arena called Tower of Power, but haven’t quite figured out how that game play will work.

Server wide Team speak channel for finding groups , reporting hackers and requesting help. We are very open to suggestions and feedback.

Warnings before server Restart. The restarts typically only take a 1 to 2 minutes, because they are running on SSD.

Wipes: We will post on our blog and give everyone at least 48 hour notice. The exception to this is if there is a dupping bug and it needs to be done for server stability or based on how large of an issue it is and for that we will probably only give an hour or two notice on the blog. If a server update requires a wipe we will again give a few hour notice as well. Our goal is to keep the wiping to a minimum.

The default channel is for Rust:

Sever Connection Info:

Name: Firestorm (Sleeper/PVP/Arena)