Firewall Needed!

Hello, I’m looking to buy a affordable firewall for my RP Server, we’ve beenup for little time after trying to revive the community, and we’re being DDoS’ed already. We have a decent amount of money in our budget.

So know any place I could get a decent Firewall?

Depends on the size of the attacks, if it’s UK based and multiple GB’s then you’re screwed either way.

You should ask your hoster if they provide them. However if the attacks are large or mostly UDP traffic, then you’re probably going to have to ride it out.

Got any numbers on the scale of these attacks?

If it’s his server in his own box, hosters won’t help. Try Barracuda NG Firewall.

But the datacentre may have (paid) solutions.

You’re probably right.

hey look, a 2000 dollar solution to a 30 dollar problem.

edit: oh look I got ninja’d. what a pleasant surprise…