Firework Bomb

This a big firework bomb

This bomb fires out 784 lines

Download :

No really, it sucks.


Your right there lawliet, it sucks D:
I bet it cant move and explode at the same time :smug:



It fires out 784 lines!


:phone:It does not lag for me

So, it shoots panels out in every direction with trails added to them? Yay?



There cans


This did originate from my firework

Cans or panels, it’s still not that impressive.

:phone: It will do if people download it and blow it up on servers full of people

Im calling someone!

:phone: pizza please


But who was it?

Son, I was phone

So, you made a fucking spam bomb, that some kind of it is on almost every server’s public dupe list.
Not really the thing people would like to see there.



Aren’t you the same guy who posted the spam of PHX and SBEP ships earlier on? Not trying to be mean or anything, I’m just pointing it out.

I think that was his first post with out any smilies…Except for OPs.

I think it looks like a bunch of Care Bears where having sex and jizzed into the air.

I see fireworks as little more then spam, infact, as spam. If your going to make af firework, make a more realistic one using expression 2 holograms, even then, quite a spam fest.