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← Slightly outdated

Here we go! It’s been a few months and I decided to go back to re-add wiremod support for these.
I’m a huge procrastinator, so naturally I did this a day before release. Please tell me if there’s any bugs with the Wiremod support.

[release][h2]Wiremod I/O[/h2]Inputs:
• Start Fuse
• Launch
• Explode
• Instability
• Scale
• Explode Color RGB
• Trail Color RGB

• Fuse Started
• Launched
• Exploded[/release]
(Or click on the giant image up there!)

The dropbox link will never change, I will upload any new versions to there.
Also, you can use fireworks_checkupdate to check if there’s a new one available on dropbox. (Admin only)

Please post any bugs/problems you find in this thread, and I will try my best to fix them. Or post ideas you have for settings!

Also, thanks Patrick Hunt for giving me better sound effects.

Discussion of the new version begins Here

Looks great, except you should have released it before the 4th, I was looking for something like this. Anyhow, it’s great!

Add crackling ones!

Keep in mind this is still a beta, final version will include everything that makes fireworks, well fireworks!

I wish you released this a couple days before the 4th so there’d be a massive influx of 4th of July themed videos, haha.

Do the sounds have a delay depending on your distance from the firework? (can’t check at the moment as my speakers are hooked to my record player (and I have some really funky funk spinning at the moment, so I’m not in the mood to switch it over))
If they don’t already, then this would be a cool feature and would result in some awesome skyshows.

From the video, it looks awesome.


Also, maybe add some particles for smoke that slowly gathers and blows gently in a fake wind. There’s particle light entities, so you could have each firework light up the smoke a little bit as it explodes.
Console commands to disable this effect would mean that you won’t kill the less powerful computers.

nice job

Just saying, you might want to use orange box particle systems, they are better and easier to modify.


You can do that with particle systems to! :buddy:
(Not the sound delay)

looks awesome! i want sparklers! haha

God, when I was watching the videos I just couldn’t stop fapping.

I will make you some, if eng101 says OK, for now I have OrangeBox PCF based fireworks. :buddy:

Those are both some pretty good ideas. I will try to add them in next update.

For now though, check the OP for a few fixes. (There was a huge problem with old sound files)

If you aren’t using it already, I’d recommend going with SVN. I’m updating it every day or so.

By the way, If I do make ground fire works, I want your permission first because you gave me the idea.

Any servers with this addon?

Add the tag fwb2 in the server browser. At the moment there’s only my testing server.

Hey eng,

Can you make a list on the OP of what you are working on? Basically like a future change log.

This is going to be so epic on my upcoming LAN party.



Now we need them to actually put in some info in there.

First 16 of those was me trying to figure out how SVN worked.

Also, added TODO list to OP. fireworks HERE !!! I gave everyone fire extinguisher and fire hose just in case something goes wrong.

Hey Eng,

I got some youtube videos of some future fireworks you could possibly make:

Make some Roman Candles(Roman candles are a stick firework that you hold in your hand, see the video to see what they do) -
Make some cool Fountain Fireworks -
More Fountain Fireworks -
Again, more Fountain Fireworks -

Add me on steam if you need more ideas! (I’m a pyromaniac :D)


Also, skip to about 0:05 threw 0:10 -

More ideas:

-Smoke bombs
-Different bottle rocket effects

Edit2: :smiley: