L4D2 Style, Entity, when shot, makes fireworks on teh ground. Shooting it in mid air will make fireworks too.
And a seperate firework entity, when shot (in mid-air) actually makes nice lookin fireworks.

No this is possible with effects it’s a nice idea too.

Oh. So is anybody willing to do it?

Well i have L4D2 but i haven’t seen the fireworks unless there is an video example, then yes we will do it.

You have l4d2, but you’ve never used fireworks.

Skip ahead to 1:12 or something to see what happens

Those are cracklers when they ignite they pop and then crackle and then sparkle in the air with the sound.

Cracklers, um sure. I call them fireworks cause that’s what the majority of people who play l4d2 refer to them as fireworks, whatever you feel like calling em. So is anyone willing to do this? (sorry for asking again)