Firing an output when a certain damage is reached?

How would I go about making a brush that has no collision that fires an output once it has taken a certain amount of damage?

For example; when it reaches 100 damage a prop would have motion enabled, and when it reaches 200, another prop has its motion enabled etc.

I considered a func_breakable (not sure if I can disable collision on that) that adds 1 to a math_counter once it reaches 100 damage then resets, and when the math_counter reaches 1, it would fire an output, then 200, and it would fire another output etc.

That method seems too messy though.

Thanks in advance.


How would I make it fire an output when a certain damage is reached?

The brush would need collisions to take damage.

func_breakable is your best bet, give it 100 health, use the onbreak output to respawn it and to increment your math counter as you suggested.

Is there an output to make it respawn?

Like “On break > !self > respawn” or something?