First 3D Model Critique

Hello, everyone. I’ve just completed making my first 3d model, it sucks, and the UV maps could have been done better, and it took me 5 hours. I’m looking to get into 3d modelling more so I’d like some critique, tips, feedback, etc.

This is supposed to be an M15 (1915) Stielhandgranate, the first stick grenade the Germans ever made. Tell me what you think, thanks. (I just copied some textures off the internet and pasted them onto an image with the UV map and added the text in

It’s good for a first model, the mesh seems to be fine, as do the wood textures.

Metal textures need some work, as do the UVs.

It’s good, especially for a first model. Like Portugalotaku said the metal textures and UVs could use some improvements.