First 3D model

Hello, first time posting in modeling which I guess is appropiate for my showing of my first model :smiley:

I recently started Computer Animation at university level. Before this I had never created a 3D model (apart from a few boxes :P). I had only ever used a 3D modeling packages in passing and the experience I had was minimal. Starting Uni, I had to create a high-level model in a few weeks after being taught how to use 3DsMax (30+ hours of training in the end I think). I decided to create the 4023 ‘Big Boy’ Union Pacific steam train. I am posting this here for a bit of c&c (though if this is the wrong section please tell me). Most people seem to like it but I havn’t got feedback from my tutors yet so I’d like to see what you people think :slight_smile:

In the end it took around a weeks worth of hours to make this (spread over 2 months or so). 167,000 polys and about 200 parts or so.

tl;dr: First ever 3D model. I like it do you?

The train looked best at a distance…

I’m big into small detail (pun not intended :P)

Wheel details

Boiler details

Piston detail (about 50 parts and quite accurate)

Cabin detail. I had started to loose drive at this point and the back of the train looks shit compared to the front.

Top of the boiler

Another full render

Thanks for reading! Please give c&c.

That looks really nice.

First model?

Wow. You got talent. …Or lotsa time.

That looks amazing. You must have learned alot.

I doubt thats your FIRST model though. Or rather, your first real model. Do you plan on putting it in garrysmod? Or maybe texturing it?

well done.

Holy shit man…

Apart from mucking around in Sketchup making a few crappy walls this really is my first model :smiley: Never made anything before this, honest :stuck_out_tongue:


I promise it’s not :stuck_out_tongue: Never touched 3dmax or a program like it before I started uni

Collossal Dragon, any reason why you disagree?

red katana isn’t happy

I hate to ask, but do you have a wireframe to go with that? Otherwise, amazing!

That’s pretty good. Should probably post a wireframe tho.

That looks really good for your first model.

Were you by any chance using this tutorial for this train?

Either way, there’s a lot of effort in it.


You have some fine talent there. Also, requesting wireframe overlay.

While It looks good, I doubt you did this on impulse, Im quite confident that you followed a tutorial to some degree, perhaps even the one that Dippeggs posted.

Kudos for following it through to the end though.

I used no tuts to create this model (on youtube, facepunch ect). I used what I had been taught in my various lectures to create the final model. In fact we were all told to ignore online tutorials because it meant we would be using someone elses methods rather than developing our own. This should clear everything up.

I could do an iso frame render soon but not now.

Looks good. Considering when I try modeling even with tutorials, this is all I ever manage to get done.