First 48 hours

So, fun times.

Naked, I spawn into the world. My gorgeous, apparently precious rock and I forge out into the world. In the first literal 30 seconds, I see a few other less then clothed persons around me, and decide to see if I can make it in the world. I move down the the hill I spawned on, and proceed to encounter: “a wild douche”. The following 30 seconds followed something close to this:

A wild douche glares at you
A wild douche equips a shotgun
"A wild douche says over voip :* “Hey fag, give me your shit”
A wild douche uses shotgun : It’s super effective! (I die)
(again, repeat 20+ times)

Toss in a few minutes of running around, finding some mineral nodes, harvesting, and dieing right after to the above, and you probably have a similar story or 40 you could identify with.

SO, the reason for the post: I actually had a friendly player run up to me (and my rock of awesomeness that everyone’s apparently dieing to get their hands on), say “hey! newblood! Welcome and have fun!”, drop some pants and a few resources so I could build a shelter (glad I’m not the only one that feels I could use some boxers at the least), then wished me good luck and ran off into the night.

I have to say, it felt like it was a rare experience and worth sharing as it took me greatly by surprise.

Does anyone else have a story where another player was anything but a prick, and actually created a memorable experience they’d be willing to share?

I was playing one night and all of the sudden a player ran up and said he had a request…then he proceeded to play Miley Cyrus wreaking ball on voice chat…was a nice random moment.


First time I started playing someone ran up to me and pulled out a rock and said “Give me your stuff or I’ll shoot”. I couldn’t stop laughing because when you pull out the rock you hold it like a gun.

Naked I don’t spawn or play at all because I got RUST today and it is being DDoS’d.


Gather resources for 30 mins, find spot to build base, get shot and graciously donate my resources to the friendly neighborhood bloodthirsty gang. Repeat 20 times.

Finally got lucky and setup a base without getting killed. Slowly progressing towards expanding it. Playing solo sucks :frowning:

welcome to rust

The servers are pretty packed

Happen to catch the name of that friendly masked man?