First addon help!

Ok, so… I’ll begin with my experience,

I’m not totally experienced, the extent of my knowledge only stretches as far as developing 3 RP servers… All military RP apart from one DarkRP.
I recommend that you take me through the steps as if I’m a 6-year-old because otherwise I’ll just stare at your comment and probably ignore it.

Anyway, the assistance I need today is regarding my first addon! Or… well, two really.

1: Bag-pipes

I want to create a sort of weapon that, when holding down the left mouse button, plays a tune… Ideally a snippet from Black Bear by the Royal Dragoon Guards. This doesn’t need a custom model, honestly, nothing… Similar to dark RP’s keys would do, but if someone has the patience and would like to guide me through creating and applying said model, I could do so happily.

2: A request from a mate that doesn’t make sense to me XD

“A Entity that spawns a car and deletes itself leaving the car

Is what he said, and I have no idea what he meant and why the link is relevant!

I’d appreciate any and all help received, and I love you all and what you’re doing to make the community greater! <3

For the weapon you need to understand how to make a swep, so here’s a link to a wiki page that explains most swep variables and functions:
For the sound to play when a shot is fired( left mb clicked ):

Play a sound in a certain position( yours in this case ):
Play a sound just for you to hear it:

You’ll need to create the sound file yourself of course. In case the format would be an issue, they accept “.wav” files

Your friend wants you to make an entity which spawns a vehicle in its position when you click on it and then disappears, kind of like a present. The link is relavent because he wants you to spawn that vehicle in the video.
Fairly good video on how to make a basic entity:
There’s a part 2, look for it in the recommended videos on the side.

I’m actually not sure about entity creation( placing the car in that position ) as I am yet to do anything that required me to do that. I’d just suggest skimming through the wiki for ent related shit or just wait for someone more experienced than me.
Hope I helped somehow, personally not very experienced either.

I’ll take a look, thank you so much for that. You’re a great guy :slight_smile: <3

OK, so can someone help with the spawning the car bit?